Yin Yoga Teachers Training (TTC)

Certified Teachers Training Program of 200 Hours

Jeda Yoga Retreats hosts Yoga Teachers Training (TTC) where the participants can learn but also enjoy relaxing in a gorgeous yoga accommodation in Bali. Well trained, experienced and certified yoga teachers in Bali at Jeda Yoga Retreats teach and assure everything is done in an organized and exciting way. Participants in the 200 hours yoga teachers training program will not have to worry about logistics. We take care of everything to make things smoother for the participants to achieve success in their yin yoga teacher training Bali program. Contact us to know more about our Yin Yoga Teachers training 200 hours and Yoga Teachers Training (TTC) program in Bali today!

In addition to the three Jeda Villa, you can rent out three extra villas in the vicinity of Jeda Villa. All six villas combined as well as the new yoga studio can accommodate up to 25 participants (13m x 7m).