John Q – Retreat February 2017

Jeda is so wonderful. The villa’s and the grounds are phenomenal! So well kept, so well tended to.

The Service was exceptional! Everything clean and tidy. Everyone polite & happy 🙂 Very accommodating.

The food was exceptional and I looked forward to every meal. I never ate out, except when we were on excursion. Joki is an amazing chef and a wonderful friend to us.

Selamat was also very helpful, providing everything we needed – rides, guides, $, food-etc. everyone was so helpful & wonderful. It helped that English was spoken by most. You never had to ask twice or wait for very long.

Boris was also so great.

We will miss Jeda Villa very much. I will definitely return again.

I wish you all good health, happiness & Blessings.

Namaste, Jennifer & Kim USA