The place, the food, the people and the yoga were all so well organised

Firstly, the place, the food (the Chef is a genius), the people and the yoga were all so well organised and came together to create an awesome trip. I really only have positive feedback – key things I’ll highlight: transport from airport to Jeda was super helpful especially if you’ve never travelled there before, having chill time during the day where you have the option to go exploring (pool chill was brilliant) was great, being in a more remote location was perfect, having Salamat organising trips to town was lovely, the resort was idyllic and everything was kept so neat/tidy, the hostess was so helpful and shared some really interesting experiences about the people and Kim’s yoga practise was really great for all levels (well I am a beginner and felt I could keep up but also was given good information on poses and insight into other forms of yoga which was so interesting). Kim really made you feel welcome and spent time getting to know everyone. Finally and this is just luck of the draw – the people were so interesting and lovely! Gosh, I could go on! Main point is thank you very very much! Hope you’re well and having a lovely day, Sally Thornton, UK – London