Food Matters

Jeda Yoga Retreats staff prepare a very healthy and nutritious vegetarian menu with an Ayurveda twist. We use wholesome, fresh and local ingredients and has a magic touch for home made granola and raw sugar free deserts.

We try to go back to simple and natural home cooking, which in its unadulterated form is very nutritious and healthy.

  • Our menu is largely vegetarian (Fish and chicken options are available at an extra cost)
  • All ingredients are guaranteed free of MSG and other taste enhancement agents.
  • Use of salt and sugar is kept to a minimum.
  • We use either unrefined cane  sugaror wild honey (100% organic).
  • Our vegetables and fruit are as much as possible purchased from local small producers; they are fresh and free of chemical residues.
  • Our seafood is guaranteed “food from the sea”, and NOT farmed “sea food”.
  • Our chicken meat is exclusively from free-range formerly happy chickens.
  • We only use pure cold pressed oils in our cooking and preparation of dishes.
  • There are many wheat-free dishes available for persons with related dietary alleges. If you have any special dietary requests feel free to mention it to us and we are more than happy to accommodate your needs within the scope of our possibilities.

A very complete breakfast is served after yoga and satisfies everyone taste buds ! Throughout the day, freshly made smoothies and green juices are also available. All dinners are served at Jeda Villa.